Penny Little

Hand-made black and white porcelain pieces filled with luxurious and glamorous gold and platinum lustre. Each piece is unique. From tiny exquisite miniature bowls to vases and glorious larger statement pieces these make extremely special gifts. Prices range from £25.45 to £168.00 including gift packaging and postage.


  • Black Onyx and Porcelain Gold Lustre Scoops, from £88

    A selection of elegant hand formed vessels perfect for your jewellery and other special treasures.

    6cm wide x 4.5cm high x 11-13cm long.

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  • Porcelain and Lustre Ring Bowls, £53

    Handmade from either white or black porcelain and lined with your choice of gold or platinum lustre. These make a delightful wedding gift.

    6-6.5cm wide x 2cm high.

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  • Large Curved Open Form Bowl, £168

    A stunning centrepiece. This one of a kind bowl has been hand-formed from a rich black Onyx porcelain and lined with luxurious gold lustre.

    12cm wide x 4.5cm high.

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  • Gold and Black Stack, £153

    Five beautiful hand-formed miniature black porcelain bowls lined with gold lustre. Each bowl is individual and fits inside the next. Also available in white porcelain with platinum and gold lustre.

    Largest bowl is 5cm wide x 4cm smallest is 2.5cm wide x 1cm. 

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  • Platinum Wave Bowl, £138

    This beautifully organic shaped porcelain bowl has a platinum lustre interior. The lustre creates a reflective shine contrasting with the tactile unglazed exterior.

    13cm at the widest point x 4cm high.

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  • Small Black Onyx Porcelain and Platinum Lustre Scoops, from £38

    Pretty miniature scoops delightful on their own or in a set of three. Ideal for rings or earrings or find the perfect spot where they can catch the light.

    Sizes vary approx. 4.5cm wide x 2.5cm high x 9.5cm long.

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  • Black Porcelain Bud Vases, from £50

    A selection of elegant bud vases perfect for a small posy or single stems. Handmade from black porcelain and lined with sumptuous gold and platinum lustres. Priced individually.

    Sizes vary from 9-11cm high.

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  • Miniature Gold Bowls, from £25-£45

    Gorgeous for earrings rings or tiny treasures or place on a shelf or windowsill and watch them catch the sunlight. These little white porcelain bowls are lined with gold lustre and make wonderful gifts.

    Sizes vary: 1.5cm high x 3.5-5.5cm wide.

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