For Exhibitors


The Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fair is a table top event featuring 40 specially selected designers, makers and artists working in contemporary craft, print and art. The LNCCF take place in the affluent Cheshire market town of Altrincham and regularly attracts over 500 visitors.

We produce high quality artwork to promote the fair including adverts and editorial in local newspapers, magazines and on line media; door to door and grass root leaflet distribution and direct email to our mailing list of over 8000 subscribers.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for a  LNCCF please email your name, craft discipline, business email and website together with 4 images (300dpi and ideally 1000x1000 pixels as we will need to crop images to these dimensions) of your work to:

We accept applications from makers of all types of craft and from all over the UK.

Should your work be selected we will send you details of forthcoming shows. 

Priority is given to those who have previously been selected for the GNCCF to ensure a high quality of work on sale. However we will consider makers, designers, artists and print-makers who have not exhibited with us before, as long as they meet our high standards of selection. We do not accept imported work.

Cost of Exhibiting

The LNCCFs are table top/space only events.  

The cost for exhibiting are below – note you can hire tables from us or bring your own.

£85 for a 1500x750 space plus £5 table hire plus VAT

£90 for a 1800x750 table plus £5 table hire plus VAT

£65 for a 1200x600 or 1000x1000 table plus £5 table hire  plus VAT (limited availability of this table size)

A small number of small tables/plinths measuring 1000x600mm and 1200x600  may also be available at a reduced rate.  Once selected we will ask you to specify what size table you require.

 The fee will include:

•                     your images and profile on

•                     chair(s)

•                     extensive leaflet campaign in Hale, Bowdon and Altrincham including door                                to door, local schools and grassroots

•                     leaflets and e fliers to send to your own mailing list

•                     promotion to our database

•                     promotion on social media (over 14000 followers combined on facebook                                    and twitter)

•                     promotion in local press 

A power supply is available at no extra charge. Please note there is no stall lighting but excellent overhead lighting– you are also welcome to bring lights. All electrical appliances will need to be PAT tested as stated in our terms and conditions.